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Get to Know Us

SuViche stands not to represent Japanese or Peruvian cuisines independently nor is our purpose to merely “combine” these two cuisines. Rather, we strive to create a new type of cuisine, one that blends the ingredients, traditions, and originality of each cuisine. Our concept integrates these two cuisines in unison in order to create a symbiotic relationship based on the traditions and ingredients that make each cuisine so special.

When two or more distinct cuisines collide and mesh, creating an explosion of unique flavors. So different and addictive, your brain sparks new connections between the senses. Experiencing flavors so vibrant that your mind fills with pure happiness! At SuViche, there is no denying this mind bomb effect - you’ll get used to it.

A great dining experience does not start, nor does it end with serving high quality food. Food only happens to be the tangible product. What we strive to provide is the intangible- a genuinely good-willed encounter for our guests to enjoy.

At select locations, SuViche transforms the ordinary bar scene with its signature Pisco Bar. For those who have yet to be introduced, Pisco is the national spirit of Peru. It is a clear, high proof spirit distilled from several types of grapes. We offer an array of in house “macerados” or pisco-infusions with fresh herbs, fruits and spices. With 20+ macerados, these smooth spirits are perfect for mixing cocktails or sipping straight.

In addition to our Pisco Macerados we are stocked with a full bar and a wide selection of crafted draft beers, imported sakes and wines.

Jaime is the creative mind behind our menu. His love for food started at a very young age when he landed his first kitchen job at 17 at Alfresco, a Peruvian seafood restaurant in Lima. In 2008, Jaime trained with three-star Michelin Chef Joan Roca in Spain where he mastered modern techniques before attending Le Cordon Bleu in Lima and traveling to Europe for apprenticeships.

Soon thereafter, Jaime became world-renowned for his gastronomical evolution of Peruvian cuisine. His signature restaurant, Mayta, opened in Lima in 2010 to rave reviews, Mayta also won Best Pisco Par in Peru. Jaime later opened a second location in Hong Kong and a third in Dubai. More recently he has opened in Nuna in Punta del Este, Uruguay, Provisiones in Lima, Peru, and Calle de Medio in Cusco, Peru. His new concept, Tupac, is now open in Dubai.

Additionally, Jaime has worked on numerous projects as head culinary consultant around the world in New York, Oslo, Madrid and Milan, among others.

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