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International Sushi & Ceviche Day Celebrations

Published June 6th, 2017 by Sstahl

Are we dreaming right now? International Sushi day AND National Ceviche Day both fall in the month of June?! #mindblown

As if kicking off the summer season wasn’t sensational enough, celebrating our two absolute favorite food combinations this month makes us downright giddy!

International Sushi Day – June 18

First, let’s talk about the history of this favorite: The first sushi sighting known to man occurred when rice cultivation came to Japan 2,000 years ago and sushi was used as a means of preserving fish in fermentedrice. After a while, people began to eat the rice as well as the fish and then eventually vinegar rather than fermented rice was used. In pre-modern times and modern times, it has become a form of fast, healthy food strongly associated with Japanese culture.

Sushi was already being served in the United States by the early 1900s, with the first sushi shop in the U.S. reportedly opening in 1906 in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angeles (hence, the California Roll.) 

Sushi suffered a setback with the coming of World War II and the restrictions on Japanese immigration which caused a decline in the acceptance of Japanese cuisine. During this time, Japanese-American restaurants on the West Coast were generally forced to close and sell off their businesses. Once the war was over (and we came to our sushi senses) restaurants began to re-open in Little Tokyo and then expand as the quick, healthy, bite-sized deliciousness of sushi was adopted across the U.S. 

At SuViche, our sushi is made from scratch with the utmost attention to quality. Wild caught Flounder, Yellowfin Tuna, wild raised Norwegian Salmon and local wild caught shrimp paired with hand-cut veggies and perfectly cooked rice make for an explosively flavorful and fresh dish.

International Ceviche Day – June 28

Meanwhile, 2,000 years ago in Peru, the ceviche concept was simmering in the minds of the locals – oceans away from Japan. Although various stories exist about its exact origin, most historians agree ceviche emerged during colonial times in the area of present-day Peru. It’s thought that the natives used the fermented juice from the local banana passionfruit (yum!) and during the Inca Empire, fish were marinated with the use of chicha, an Andean fermented beverage.

The modern version of Peruvian ceviche, which ironically, is like the method used in making Japanese sashimi, consists of fish marinated for a few minutes and served promptly. It was developed in the 1970s by Peruvian-Japanese chefs including Dario Matsufuji and Humberto Sato (Peruvian-Japanese fusion isn’t as crazy as you think!)

Our ceviche features fish, shrimp or seafood marinated in fresh lime juice and SuViche Peruvian Sauce. Most are garnished with canchita, choclo and camote, topped with thinly sliced red onions and your choice of sauce made fresh daily. 

We’ll be offering these mind blowing specials on each holiday. Come celebrate with us!

International Sushi Day (Sunday June 18) – Buy one, get one 50% off sushi rolls all day, all locations

International Ceviche Day (Thursday June 28) – 3 p.m. to close, $18 bottomless small ceviches, all locations

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