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Get to Know SuViche Wynwood's Mural Artists Up Close

Published December 3rd, 2019 by Sstahl

Enjoy an artful experience at SuViche Wynwood, located smack dab in the epicenter of Miami's Art District. Get a glimpse of our floor-to-ceiling murals, designed by local artists that have lent their creative stylings to SuViche. Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply just can appreciate the vibe, our colorful murals are worth checking out. 

Didi (Diana) Contreras - Born in Peru, Didi established herself as an influential Miami artist. From painting murals in the Urban Art scene to exhibiting canvas pieces in galleries, her work can be seen in various exhibitions and private collections around the world. Didi's primary medium is oil and has painted everything from canvas and street walls to stickers and shoes. Her work embodies femininity, with the main focus on whimsical portraits, while her distinct style emerges from her love of classical techniques infused with her passion for illustrations and street murals.

Fin DacA native from the southern coast of Ireland, Fin is a self-taught artist and nonconformist, with works displayed around the world. With a focus on Asian mysticism and modern geishas, Fin Dac's keen eye on details, sets him apart from other urban artists. Working mainly with stencils and a specific painting style leaving the impression of spatters with pop colors around the eyes, his work is unusual and masterful at the same time. Recognized by the art community, he has worked for top brands such as the Royal Albert Hall, Armani, G-Star, Red Bull, and the Olympic Games of London 2012. His works are now against the walls of Los Angeles, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Madrid, Portsmouth, London, Montreal, and SuViche Wynwood.

Skott MarsiA world-renowned street artist, Marsi's first graffiti "tag" was his own rendering of the iconic Gumby. Spanning over two decades, his work has evolved and blossomed, drawing inspiration from Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and graffiti artist Banksy.   In 2011, Skott became one of the top trending artists to work out of the Wynwood Art & Design District of Miami and was asked to paint live at Art Basel Miami, which became a driving force for exposure. He since has lent his artistry to our beloved walls at SuViche, as well as continues to wow his audience with his "uncontrolled chaos."

Jesse Martinez- Originally from Aurora, Colorado, Jesse spent most of his childhood drawing. Inspired by the whimsical characters from Disney and the fantastic styles of artists like Tim Burton, he soon developed his own unique visuals, combining elements of realism and cartoon to create my own style. Later, he moved to Miami, Florida to attend Miami International University of Art and Design where he also focused on art and graphic design. He soon found his preference was creating beautiful imagery using mixed media with bright and striking colors, while still doing work that makes a statement and conveys an authentic feeling. This is also the approach he brings to any brand work he does. Inspired by strong personalities and attitudes that stand out, he tries to bring a level of sassiness to his work, specifically, his illustration project deemed “Jesse’s Girls” which has become one of his quintessential collections. To him, each piece he works on is unique, created to uplift, inspire, and empower. "I realize that although we all may look at the same image, everyone has a different perception of it. I am always trying to find beauty in the most impossible things, my ultimate goal being to express that found beauty through my work, no matter the project."

Jose Miguel MuñozBorn in Guatemala, Muñoz originally studied architecture and began a career as a professional artist some years later. Drawing inspiration from contemporary art, fashion, architecture, and the human figure, he uses several different types of paint and painting techniques, including acrylic, marker, airbrush, and spray to create his work. Recently, he began to paint and print on fabric, beginning a clothing line called Pigment-Art and Fashion.

Amanda Valdes- A Miami native, Amanda is a mainstay on the art scene. Her iconic macabre and cartoonish style is instantly recognizable. Valdes' art focuses on the female identity, manufactured with acrylic paint, spray paint, colored pencil, ink, and watercolor, and at times deconstructed with peroxide or embellished with pieces of broken mirror.

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