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Published March 3rd, 2017 by Sstahl

SuViche was born and raised in sunny South Florida, so like many other natives we are super health conscious – keeping in mind our year-round beach bods and active lifestyle. After all, we live in paradise so we want to make sure you’re always ready to throw on your bathing suit, looking and feeling your best at a moment’s notice! At SuViche, you don’t need to choose between flavor and fitness – you can have both! That’s right. We said it. Have your sushi and eat it too! #MINDBLOWN

Head to SuViche for lunch, dinner, happy hour or afternoon snacks with your closest friends (or that soon-to-be special someone you just met on Bumble) and order one of our many items under 500 calories to stay on track with that healthy lifestyle. While most of our dishes are wholesome, we have 27 items featured on our website that are under 500 calories under the menus page including Sushi Rolls, Ceviches, Saltado and Arroz Chaufa, Traditos, and great Starter Salads.   

Fresh fish is the star ingredient of our low calorie, healthy dishes, including a variety of options like tuna and salmon, all of which are an excellent source of complete protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B-12. When looking for protein-packed, low-calorie meals, you can’t go wrong with our healthy, fresh and flavorful ceviches. Plus, all of our sushi rolls can be made with brown rice instead of white rice, adding even more protein, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and potassium to your health game! #winning

But we don’t stop there – we know that being healthy isn’t all about calorie consumption, it’s also about balanced nutrition. That’s why we’ve incorporated tasty superfoods like Quinoa, Avocado, Ginger, and Sweet Potato into many of our dishes! In fact, any of our rice-based dishes can be substituted with Quinoa like our Arroz Chaufa and Arroz Humedo.

SuViche lovers rejoice, and #LetsGetSaucy while still living an active and healthy lifestyle!

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